Sound and Music for Dementia

A new and exciting social engagement prescription platform is gaining traction and is being developed for the International market to use music and sound and associated technologies in dementia care called Music Can. Music Can is currently being created by Universal Music.

The Danish companies have been invited to deliver content. The project is a group project comprising approximately 10 companies and is based on a co-operation between the Trade Council (TC), Danish Sound Cluster, Sound Hub and an international consultant DK TECH GLOBAL (Alan Mash)

The platform takes a centred approach to the wellbeing and healthcare of people with dementia, bringing together patient data and the use of music and therapeutic treatments. It will ensure accessibility and high quality of dementia care by enabling both people with dementia, their relatives and carers access to a single platform that gathers information, resources, treatment and music related recommendations.

The UK will work as the pilot market for the platform, which subsequently will be rolled out globally to other markets with launches and promotions to the global healthcare systems and to carers and private healthcare organisations.

By joining the Music for Dementia project in Denmark, you can expect value in the following ways:

•        Prepping of your business case to suit the UK market

•        Onboarding onto the online platform Music Can which provides access to a growing market as the dementia market is expanding rapidly with a growing demand for innovative solutions that can improve care and support for those living with the disease.

•        Exposure to relevant buyers and other industry stakeholders by collaborating with leading healthcare organisations.

Globally, several leading healthcare organisations are actively seeking partnerships with medtech companies to develop new solutions.

•        New market opportunities within sound, audio, medtech, XR/VR that make a real difference:

Developing technology solutions for dementia care can have a real impact on the lives of those living with the disease and their caregivers and families. Your company can play a critical role in improving dementia care in Denmark and beyond.

Danish Sound Cluster, The Trade Council and Alan Mash will run three workshops prior to the onboarding onto Music Can; two in Copenhagen and one in London to ensure companies are fully dressed for the UK market.  Furthermore the Workshops will offer opportunities to learn from experts, network with peers and collaborate on practical solutions. Companies will benefit from attending the workshops and the wholistic involvement that address specific challenges, provide relevant insights and best practices and offer hands-on learning and support.


Please contact Alan at or contact page .


Together we can make a difference